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PREP TIME : 15 minutes 
COOK TIME : 1 hour  10 minutes 
TOTAL TIME : 1 hour  25 minutes 
COURSE : Main Dish
CUISINE : Mexican


907 grams 2 lbs. ground beef (or protein of choice)


454 grams 16 oz. can of refried beans

113 grams 4 oz. can of chopped green chiles (add more for extra spice)

1 package of store-bought taco seasoning

2 tablespoons of hot salsa of choice if you prefer milder flavors, use an additional 2 tablespoons of mild salsa

One 340 grams 12 oz. package of flour (or corn) tortillas

454 grams 4 cups shredded cheese of choice

1 jar of store-bought mild salsa

473 ml 2 cups of water

473 ml 2 cups of sour cream

4 green onions chopped

Optional: 1 can of sliced olives drained

Optional: one tomato chopped


Preheat your oven to 350°F (175°C).

Heat up a large skillet over medium heat. Add the ground beef and cook until it is no longer pink.

Add the refried beans, chopped green chiles, taco seasoning, and hot salsa to the skillet. Stir well until all the ingredients are thoroughly mixed.

Grease a 9×13-inch baking dish with cooking spray.

Begin layering the lasagna by placing tortillas at the bottom of the dish, covering the entire surface.

Spread a generous layer of the meat mixture over the tortillas, followed by a sprinkling of shredded cheese.

Repeat the layers two more times, ending with a layer of tortillas on top.

In a separate bowl, combine the jar of mild salsa and water. Mix well.

Pour the salsa and water mixture over the top of the lasagna, ensuring it is evenly distributed.

Cover the dish with aluminum foil and bake in the preheated oven for 1 hour.

After 1 hour, remove the foil and top the lasagna with sour cream, chopped green onions, and the remaining shredded cheese.

Place the dish back in the oven, uncovered, for an additional 5 minutes until the cheese is melted and bubbly.

Allow the lasagna to rest for 5-7 minutes before slicing.

Optional: Garnish with sliced olives, chopped tomatoes, or any other toppings of your choice.

Serve this flavorful Mexican Lasagna to your loved ones and watch as their taste buds dance with delight!


Feel free to use your preferred protein, such as ground turkey or vegetarian crumbles, instead of ground beef.

If you’re looking to reduce the spiciness, substitute mild salsa for the hot salsa and adjust the amount of green chiles according to your preference.

Experiment with different types of cheese, like cheddar, Monterey Jack, or a blend of Mexican cheeses, to customize the flavor profile.

This dish can be prepared in advance and refrigerated. Simply reheat slices in the oven or microwave for a quick and delicious meal.


PIN THIS RECIPE to any of your relevant boards if you want to make it later...