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Prep Time: 10 mins | Cook Time: 20 mins | Total Time: 30 mins | Yield: 4-5

My family will never get tired of pasta, especially my brother. He loves all kinds of pasta, and he can eat it all day, every day! Yesterday, I went to the grocery with a long list of things to buy. I saw that the pasta was in a sale, so I bought many. When my brother saw I brought home a lot of pasta, his eyes lightened! I made him his favourite kielbasa pasta for dinner. This one-pot kielbasa dinner is so easy and a snap to make using only a few readily available ingredients. The best part is this is super budget-friendly and incredibly tasty!


1 pound smoked kielbasa or turkey/chicken sausage sliced 1/4” thick

1 tablespoon olive oil

8 ounces dry pasta(small pasta)

1.5 c. diced onion

2 cloves garlic, minced

1 c. shredded Cheddar cheese


1 (10 ounces) can diced tomatoes

2 c. low-sodium chicken broth

1/2 c. milk or heavy cream

1/3 c. thinly sliced scallions, for garnish

1/2 teaspoon salt and pepper, each

How to make One Pot Kielbasa Pasta

Step 1: To a 4 to 5 quart saute pan, heat the olive oil over medium-high heat. Add the smoked kielbasa and onions to the pan once the oil is hot and cook until done. Then, add the garlic and continue to cook for additional 30 seconds until aromatic.

Step 2: To the pan, add the chicken broth along with the tomatoes, heavy cream, pasta, and seasonings. Let everything simmer for about 15 minutes or until the pasta is tender.

Step 3: Take the pan off the heat and stir in half a cup of cheese.

Step 4: Top everything with the rest of the cheese. Put the lid on until the cheese has melted, spotty brown, and bubbly.

Step 5: Before serving, garnish the kielbasa pasta with some sliced scallions. Enjoy!


This recipe yield 4 large servings. If feeding a big crowd (or for some leftovers), simply double the recipe.


PIN THIS RECIPE to any of your relevant boards if you want to make it later...