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Yield: 3 Tacos

Tacos for breakfast, anyone? Yeah, me too! A big thanks to my friend, Jane, for this awesome recipe! I am so glad that I gave this a try because it is so good! Now, I get to share it with you as well. How awesome is that? If you want a healthy breakfast, then this is the one for you! I have listed all the things you will be needing so you just have to follow the steps for they will guide you to perfection! Serve these tacos with your favourite cup of coffee, and you have yourself a meal to remember! Have a wonderful day, friends, and I hope you are all well today. Enjoy!


1 c shredded mozzarella cheese

6 large Eggs

2 tbsp butter

3 strips bacon

½ small avocado

1-oz cheddar cheese, shredded

Salt and Pepper to taste



Line with aluminium foil the baking sheet.

Arrange the bacon slices onto the prepared baking sheet.

Prepare the oven and preheat to 190 degrees C or 375 degrees F.

Place the bacon slices inside the preheated oven and bake for about 20 minutes or until crispy.

Meanwhile, place a pan on the stove and turn the heat to medium.

Add 1/3 cup of mozzarella cheese. Stir and cook for about 2 minutes or until melted completely and brown.

Remove from the skillet, then hang it over a wooden spoon placed on top of a pot.

Melt butter and add the eggs. Cook until done. Season with salt and pepper to taste.

Stuff each taco shell with the scrambled eggs, avocado, and bacon slices. Repeat the process with the rest of the ingredients.

Top each with a generous amount of cheddar cheese.

Serve and enjoy!


For a spicy version, drizzle hot sauce on top. Garnish with freshly chopped cilantro.

Nutrition Facts:

443.67 Calories | 35.68g Fats | 2.38g Net Carbs | 26.41g Protein.


PIN THIS RECIPE to any of your relevant boards if you want to make it later...